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Home and Office Window Films

Home and Office Window Tint Film

Left side of photo is NC35 film, the right side of photo is clear glass.

The most important step in installing your own home window film is to start with professional film. Not the imported, consumer grade films found at usual discount sources. If you are now upgrading from that type of film we also have free removal instructions for old house window tint film. The imported and / or consumer grade window films do not have the ease of handling, durability and lifetime guarantees that our user friendly DIY house window films have. The brands we offer are usually not available to the retail consumer. These are professional American made window films that are normally available only to commercial window tinting companies. We supply them to you with our free user friendly instructions for your own do it yourself installation.
The dry adhesives of the neutral colored films are activated by water when installed. They are easy to work with and are very user friendly. When dried and cured these adhesives are permanent and strong. Our metalized films are the same premium quality scratch resistant window films that professional window film installers use.

These are not the low quality consumer films found at do-it-yourself sites and home improvement centers. Our neutral color metalized films do not contain any dyes that can fade or turn purple. All of our films filter out 99% of the harmful UV rays that cause fading damage and dangerous health conditions. These are clean looking neutral color films that are virtually invisible, blending well with all exterior and interior color schemes. The neutral colored NiChrome films were designed for dual-pane glass units and they are applied to other types of windows also, including single-pane glass, plate glass, motorhomes, boats, automobiles and other vehicle glass applications.
These extremely durable modern NiChrome films all have Lifetime Guarantees against fading, cracking, peeling, delamination and discoloration.

Click here for NiChrome photos

Here are photos of natural NC35

more photos of the natural color NC35

Mirror Films are always very popular
for maximum insulation and privacy

Automotive Films are the darkest for extreme glare and limo privacy


Ni-Chrome Films



Dark NC20 23% Visible Light 65% Solar Energy Rejected
U-Value 1.04 Shading Coefficient 0.43 Reflection 28%


Medium NC35 35% Visible Light 53% Solar Energy Rejected
U-Value 1.06 Shading Coefficient 0.57 Reflection 17%


Light NC50 50% Visible Light 45% Solar Energy Rejected
U-Value 1.06 Shading Coefficient 0.57 Reflection 17%


Product Type Price


36″ x 5′ $49.00
36″ x 10′ $89.00
36″ x 15′ $129.00
36″ x 25′ $179.00
36″ x 50′ $249.00
36″ x 75′ $318.00
36″ x 100′ $389.00
48″ x 5′ $89.00
48″ x 10′ $109.00
48″ x 15′ $129.00
48″ x 25′ $209.00
48″ x 50′ $298.00
48″ x 75′ $385.00
48″ x 100′ $459.00
60″ x 5′ $89.00
60″ x 10′ $109.00
60″ x 15 $129.00
60″ x 25′ $215.00
60″ x 50′ $319.00
60″ x 75′ $425.00
60″ x 100′ $529.00
72″ x 25′ $223.00
72″ x 50′ $529.00
72″ x 75′ $589.00
72″ x 100′ $659.00


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